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First, I would like to say I am thrilled with the DOGtorX formula. My 'young' boy of 10, Zeus a handsome heeler, was diagnosed with Cushings in May this year. At first I went the 'normal' route, very expensive blood tests (around $200.00 per test and four in as many weeks, plus another due in three weeks), medication costing AU$160.00 per 100 tablets, given daily and of course, the vet's bill on top of all that. At first on the medication, yes he lost all the symptoms and did seem to improve, however his coat went into a right royal mess, no other way of describing it, raw spots, bleeding, lumps on his legs and speaking of legs, he was getting weaker and weaker in that area and developed the shakes very badly. Fortunately, an 'ill wind' which blew good for my dog, my partner lost his job and the expensive vet bills were no longer viable.

Desperate to help my boy Zeus, I Googled and found, to my relief, that DOGtorX was now available in Australia (I knew it was brilliant, as I was born in Europe).

Now my boy is fitter, healthier and happier than he's been for a long time, in fact LOL, he's gone back to being like a youngster - without the naughty side!

His coat is amazing, I cannot believe just how quickly it grew back, cannot put it into words it is so amazing - a miracle would be closest. His legs, strong, healthy and he's running like a youngster, chasing balls, jumping up - another miracle.

All the other signs of cushings have not returned. He's right weight, and well my beloved 'miracle' boy!

Thank you for such a miraculous product. I did email my vet, he hasn't replied as yet but Zeus is my boy and that's all that matters.

Thank you for everything, giving me back my healthy, happy boy! As soon as finances improve just a little, will be putting my terrific teenaged mutt-i-gree on the formula - as he's a mad keen 'soccer' player and I don't want him to have arthritis or other nasties when he reaches a more mature age!

Mary K Gill,
West Richmond,
South Australia 5033

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I have been using DOGtor X for about 4 months now for my Dog Pearl, she is a 12 year old Labrador who has survived aggressive cancer, and is completely blind and also suffers from arthritis. She is the best furry child you could ever ask for, and is a treasured wonderful friend. When it was suggested that I try DOGtor X I wasn't sure what to expect, as like most dogs Pearl is not keen on any form of tablet, but she happily eats them direct from my hand. To be honest the effects on her have been amazing she seems
brighter, less troubled by her arthritis, and has even found her voice again and often talks to me like she did, when she was much younger.I am really pleased that DOGtor X has improved her quality of life,and if I can extend her life by any amount and she is enjoying it, then Hey ! it is absolutely worth it.
Semaphore South Australia

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I ordered a Bottle of Dogtor X and received it the next day. I started my 12 year old Ridgeback cross that day on the Supplement and he now brighter and seems much happier now. Thank you so much for distributing this remarkable and amazing product, and I will continue to purchase it for my old friend. Thank you so much again for handling such a great Product.

Kapunda South Australia

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Dear DOGtorX

Max, my 9-1/2 year old yellow lab, was born with hip dysplasia and severe arthritis. For years he had been on glucosamine and Rimadyl prescription pain killers. His condition deteriorated over the years and he began behaving like an old and frail dog. He limped when he walked; he would be in severe pain after only moderate exercise; and he lacked energy and his old spirit. I was concerned that I would have to euthanize him.

Then 2 years ago, Dr. Ava Ackerman, DVM, of Belmont Pet Hospital, started him on DOGtorX Formula. The results were simply phenomenal. Max is now energetic and playful, and he loves to romp at the dog park for long periods of time and shows no indication of pain. His coat became fuller and richer than it ever was.

Now, Max no longer requires Rimadyl or gluosamine.

George Fulvio
Belmont, CA


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To Whom It May Concern:

When my Yorkie, Bella, was eight months old, she was diagnosed with a condition called "luxating patella."  This condition means the dog has a slipped knee disc and will most likely experience painful walking and an early onset of arthritis.  The doctor recommended surgery to try and fix this condition before it got worse.  However, there were no guarantees this procedure would work.  The recovery time would be long and require close supervision.  After thinking about it, I decided against surgery.

I started Bella on DOGtorX's Formula to see if it would help alleviate the need for surgery.    Well, that was over two years ago.  Bella is over three years old and is still taking DOGtorX's Formula.  She's no longer having painful knee issues.  She romps in the field and hunts for gophers. I believe she's actually mending.

Thank you DOGtorX!!

E. Paige
Belmont, CA

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Dear DOGtorX

My sweet puppy dog, Heidi, was 11 years old when she was diagnosed with diabetes, and a year later with Cushings Disease as well.  I did not want my loving best friend to spend her last few years on earth lying around listless from the multiple drugs offered by our vet to "stabilize" her symptoms. 

Then we heard about DOGtorX's Formula.  After only 48 hours of these tasty treats, Heidi's appetite and energy levels improved.  In a week, she was jumping up to greet me at the door, and begging to play and romp again.  It was like a miracle for her - and for me, to be able to see her happy, playful, and enjoying life again.  It truly enhanced the quality of her health and her ability to enjoy life beyond any of my wildest hopes or expectations.  I would recommend it to anyone who has a pet and wants to give them the best and longest life possible!

Claudia Bruce
San Mateo, CA

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My 13-year old yellow lab, Tahoe, had been suffering from Cushing's disease.  His condition eventually worsened to the point that even the meds weren't working, and the doctor suggested we consider putting him to sleep. I was devastated.

Then through a client of mine, I was introduced to DOGtorX's Formula. I immediately started Tahoe on DOGtorX's Formula, and within 24 hours his condition was incredibly improved.  His energy perked up and he began eating without coaxing.  By the end of the third day, his health was substantially restored.

That was about six months ago and I'm still giving Tahoe the DOGtorX's Formula on a daily basis. However, once during the last six months I did an experiment and withheld the DOGtorX's Formula for a day.  Tahoe's vitality began to decline.  I put him back on the supplement and his health and vitality came right back and he remains happy and healthy.


D. King
Belmont, California

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Three years ago Briana, my 14-year old Shih-Tsu, was diagnosed with Cushing's disease.  Her veterinarian prescribed a medication for her to take every day.  I took her off the medication after six months when a follow-up test showed her liver had become very toxic and she showed no signs of improvement.  It was even suggested that I consider putting her down.

I started giving her DOGtorX's Formula twice a day. Within the first 24 hours her appetite began to improve.  By the second day her energy had increased and she was asking to go for a walk (which she hadn't asked for in a long time).

As an experiment, I took her off DOGtorX's Formula for 48 hours to see if it would make a difference, and as a result she lost her appetite and energy.  I resumed giving it to her immediately and within 24 hours her health had again greatly improved.

Briana has been taking DOGtorX's Formula for going on three years now. She's now healthy, active and has shown no signs of Cushing's as long as I keep her on it.

Jay Seddon
Madison, WI

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Dear PetEquinox;

Thanks so much for making a product that truly works.Our family thanks you so much for making life better for all of our dogs. I have had very much success with DOGtorX. I first came aware of DOGtorX through my Dr. He has done a small study with exceptional results. I used DOGtorX to prevent the spread of Hip Dysplasia. I have been breeding Rottweilers for over 15 years. I had an accidental Breeding with one of my dog Mia who had severe hip dysplacia. I was worried about her pups having problems as well.

I was told to give DOGtorX to my female three times a day throughout her pregnancy. After her pups were weaned, I decreased her dose to two a day. I then gave all her pups the DOGtorX until they reached the age of 12 weeks. The mother of the pups has not even showed one sign of hip dysplasia. Today all her pups are clear of the hip dysplasia. I owe this all to DOGtorX. I will continue to use this with every litter my kennel has.

Thanks so much!

Chris Dodson

DOGtor Rx Indra pups and mom

DOGtor Rx Indra and male pup at 12 weeks

DOGtor Rx Indra and emale pup at 12 weeks
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