DOGtorX restores nature essential natural Growth factors. Natural remedy for dogs.
DOGtorX natural remedy for dog ailments

DOGtorX is a Nutritional
Pet Food Supplement
that may help to
support Dog Health

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Anti-aging formula for dogs
True Science and the effect of Natural Growth Factors in your Dogs health!  Commercial pet foods DO NOT contain Natural Growth Factors!  DOGtorX is the missing link in your dogs' daily diet.  Here is the reason why!

Dear Pet Owner.

DOGtorX™ Nutritional Pet Food Supplement is beneficial for all dogs when added to their daily diet, because the Natural Growth Factors (oligopeptide amino acids), contained in DOGtorX Formula, are the missing ingredients that their canine ancestors depended upon to thrive in the wild.

Every dog owner wants his or her pet to be healthy, happy and live a long, quality life. We are proud to introduce our DOGtorX Nutritional Formula, now formulated exclusively for dogs.

Scientific research and real life experiences have proven that DOGtorX, which contains Natural Growth Factors, has been effective in addressing problems associated with dog health. As in the human body, the body of dogs also contains adrenal glands, which are essential for a healthy body because of all the hormones they produce. The adrenal glands influence the metabolic, physical and mental functions, and under normal conditions they optimally regulate a well-balanced production of CORTISOL.

Most of us aren't consciously aware that our dog's life can be as stressful as that of humans. Stress, as well as the natural aging process, cause the depletion of the adrenal system and blocks the normal production of growth factors. These effects are cumulative and will put a healthy body at risk.

Stress is a health-threatening condition common to dogs (as well as to humans), and CORTISOL is the primary stress-related hormone. CORTISOL does more than only respond to stress levels. It is used to regulate blood pressure and energy production, and has a direct impact on the body's immune system, inflammatory response, and hormone production. CORTISOL levels are at their lowest when the body is healthy and calm.

Stress in dogs can be caused by many things - a new baby or a new pet in the house; family arguments; an unbalanced diet; an unfamiliar environment; extreme temperatures; extreme training and performance expectations (working dogs/show dogs).

Normalizing, or rebalancing, adrenal function can improve mood, energy levels, sleep, immune response and more ... all the elements necessary for a dog to live a long, happy life. Now is the perfect time to start your dog on DogtorX™ Nutritional Supplement. We look forward to helping your dog and welcome your feedback.

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