DOGtorX restores nature essential natural Growth factors. Natural remedy for dogs.
DOGtorX natural remedy for dog ailments

DOGtorX is a Nutritional
Pet Food Supplement
that may help to
support Dog Health

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I heard that DOGtorX's Formula helps support Cushing's disease and joint problems.  Has a supporting study been done on this claim? 

            Yes, a study which supports this claim was performed at Belmont Pet Hospital by Ava V. Ackerman, DMV Tel: 650-593-3161.

My dog is healthy.  Why give him DOGtorX's Formula?

            To maintain your dogs health through his growing years.  The natural growth factor level diminishes with the aging process and DOGtorX Nutritional Pet Food Supplement helps support cell production of natural growth factors.

What happens if my dog eats more DOGtorX's Formula than recommended?

            No side effects.

Are there any side effects?


Can I give DOGtorX to my cat?

            Yes, in fact there is a version of DOGtorX being developed especially for cats.

My dog is finicky.  How can I make him eat DOGtorX?

            The chewables can be broken and blended into dry or wet food.

My dog just had surgery.  How soon can I start him on DOGtorX?


My dog is hyperactive.  Will DOGtorX speed up his metabolism?

            Just the opposite

My dog is anxiety-ridden.  How will this affect him?

          You should see a calmer disposition

My dog is overweight and seems content to just lie around. Will his fat cells be stimulated with using DOGtorX Nutritional Pet Food Supplement?

            No.  But he may lose weight and regain energy,